Saturday, April 4, 2009

SMS with GSM Modem

Last time I wrote about sending SMS using online tools. The main problem there remains 2 way communication. Luckily, there's a simple solution to receiving problem. Since the start of 3Gmobile internet, GSM modems became quite ubiqitous and reasonably cheap. Just like the SMS software. I used Smstools that proved to be a snap to install and use.
tar -xzf smstools3-3.1.3.tar.gz
cd smstools3
sudo ./
I am using Huawei Mobile Modem E270 and E170 from Starhub. The only change I had to make now is update the config file. Here's my config file /etc/smstools.conf
devices = GSM1
logfile = /var/log/smsd.log
loglevel = 7

device = /dev/tty.HUAWEIMobile-Modem
incoming = yes
#pin = 1111
init = AT+CNMI=2,0,0,2,1
After that just start/restart the smsd daemon
sudo killall smsd; sudo smsd;
Sending of SMS is now as simple as
sudo sendsms +6584199983 'Your SMS message....'
or just put SMS File to /var/spool/sms/outgoing/
To: 491721234567

Hello, this is the sms.
More info about the structure of the file is here.
As for receiving, all the received messages will be downloaded to /var/spool/sms/incoming/ so all you have to do is create a cronjob to check this folder for new messages and then forward the message to your application.


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  2. Thank you.
    How it works if I use a SMS Gateway to use Voicent SMS Software from If I use it then do I have to use any Modem or others.

  3. Hi,

    Would appreciate if we can chat to discuss about this. I wonder if what is relevant 2 years ago still apply now. My number is 98075205. My name is TuckMeng.

    I am curious on the speed of the setup and how fast is your throughput on this.